Kidsí Activities

It would be impossible to name just one kids' favorite at Buncom Day 2011.

Martha and Lori never got a break from the kids petting their sheep and goats, but we'll never know whether the kids were more fascinated with the animals or with Martha's boots!

Sarah's polliwogs were a smashing success, especially since she sent the proud new owners home with printed instructions on the care and feeding of the new pets.

It wasn't clear whether the adults or the kids had more fun panning for gold.

Usually it's the kids who huddle around the Chicken waiting for the Splat, but this year it seemed as though the adults also were worming their way to the front to get first dibs on the good spots on the board.

The bead-stringing area always had kids hunched over working on their art.

Ditto for the lace-making area.

Carly was busy all day giving pony rides to eager would-be equestrians.