Book About Buncom

 "Buncom: Crossroads Station"

 Published in 1995,  this book tells the history of ourbook cover little community and the area around it.  It was written by Buncom residents Connie Fowler and J.B. Roberts.

The book, now in its second printing, is available from the Society.  The price is $18.00 INCLUDING shipping (the book itself is $15.95).  To order, please call (541) 899-7656. or write to Buncom Historical Society, 3232 Little Applegate Road, Jacksonville, OR 97530.

You can also buy it from our publisher,  To order from them, click on "Buy Now" below, then on the right side of the iUniverse web page, go to "Search Bookstore" and search for "Buncom."  The price is $15.95 plus shipping.

Here's what the back cover says about "Buncom: Crossroads Station":

"Buncom is the last remaining Ghost Town in Southern Oregon. Located 20 miles southwest of Medford near the confluence of Sterling Creek and the Little Applegate River, Buncom was first settled by gold miners in the late 1850s and 1860s. Later, it was the supply center for the farmers, ranchers and loggers living in the Little Applegate Valley. Today, its abandoned buildings remain as a symbol of a simpler past, and a focus for the rural residents who leave nearby.

“Buncom: Crossroads Station relates the history of this typical rural Oregon community from its beginning to the present. In addition, it places local events in the context of the outside world. Even in their peaceful isolation, Buncom’s pioneers – like those in other communities – were affected and influenced by the trends and forces that were shaping the globe."

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