Southern Oregon’s Last Standing Ghost Town: A Place … and a State of Mind


 The next Buncom Day is May 27, 2017 the last Saturday in May which is Memorial Day weekend.

Nestled among the pines in a corner of Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, the ghost town of Buncom provides a look back into the past, to the days when gold miners swarmed the hills, to the loggers who matched their hand-held saws against the mighty forests, to the ranchers and farmers who brought stability and a sense of home. Today, the memory of Buncom past – of the strong, able and self-sufficient people who populated it – is an always-present reminder of the importance of neighbors and community. It is said that people move to the country to get away. To a certain extent that's true, but ironically they can also develop a sense of community not often found in cities. You may not see your Buncom neighbors often, but you welcome the opportunities to visit, and you know they are always there to help when needed. Join us on these pages for a bit of history, humor and whimsy. For Buncom is more than its buildings. For many of us, it's a state of mind.