Cycle Oregon

Cycle Oregon Came to Buncom Sept. 14, 2004 … and, We Had a Grand Time! Cycle%20Oregon%20CancellationEvery year the Cycle Oregon organization sponsors a week-long bicycle ride for 2,000 riders in a different part of Oregon. This year they came to our neck of the woods, and passed through Buncom on Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 14.

We re-opened the Post Office for the occasion (with the special cancellation shown above), our Brownie Troop 2491 passed out gold-pan souvenirs, we sold “treasured jewelry” and cookies, and offered live music all afternoon. There were displays about Buncom and a description of the riders' route ahead.

The riders mailed more than 1,500 postcards and letters from the Post Office during the afternoon! Many riders complimented us on the unique idea. They also had words of praise for Buncom — “I didn't realize there were still communities like this”, “This is the real America”, “I never saw such a friendly bunch of people,” and so on.